William M. Benjamin, attorney

"Benjamin is a ravenous wolf; In the morning he devours the prey, and in the evening he divides the spoil."  Gen. 49:27

From my own personal experience (in San Diego's Family Court) with Mr. Benjamin, along with what others have told me about him, the above verse describes him to a 'T.'   The only question to be answered is, why is he, and those like him, not 'muzzled' and removed from working with, or around children and their parents? 

Perhaps (as one San Diego  attorney who knows him well told me), it's because:

"the judges like him because he brings in a lot of money." 

The words that were used to describe Mr. Benjamin are too coarse to print here; however another San Diego attorney who also knows him well said something quite similar to me after I explained to him how Mr. Benjamin bypassed CPS and other channels of communication to take a false charge (of abuse) to court.  Other people I have spoken with have confirmed to me that this man will do or say just about anything to "win" for his client -- even if by unethical (or deceptive) means, and even when "winning" means that another child grows up not even knowing one of his or her parents. 

Billy the Kidnapper is a professional mud-slinger, who is able to make the most dubious and/or false charges stick better than Crazy Glue in San Diego's Family Courts.

He is also an expert at getting other crooked money-grubber / scam artists onto cases that have money to be extorted, and perhaps even those where only ONE parent has any money that can be tapped.

Able to appear in court at the slightest whim, or to disappear behind closed doors.

Able to turn black to white, Yes to No, and blow Hot Air and/or "smoke" in court.

Able to out-sling straight, crooked, fast, and/or slow-thinking Court-Buddy Crooks.   

Note: If you are a parent who is simply looking for a divorce and to split your assets and go your  separate ways, a Mediation only attorney who works with BOTH parents at the same time is often the best way to go.   From what we know, this is NOT the type of attorney that Mr. Benjamin is, but rather he is a litigation attorney who will urge the court to make your decisions for you.  However, if you want to CREATE trouble and nitpick then Mr. Benjamin may be able to assist you; however there are many other attorneys that may do it for less.   See also our page on High Conflict Resolution if you are going through a difficult divorce, and you don't want to walk away from your kids. 

Randy Berg, a (former) Dad who has not seen, nor heard from his Daughter now for almost seven years -- because of unethical crooks like Billy the Kidnapper and others like him who are now running our courts: for profit and for fun.

The information and Links above are provided as a public service.  

Note: The apostle Paul was also of the tribe of Benjamin; however, he had an encounter with Jesus
that forever changed him and his behavior toward God's people.  It is recorded in the book of Acts, 
and as a result he became the apostle to the Gentiles and wrote about half of the New Testament, 
including Romans 10:1-4

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